Why the cloud is a great place for enterprise email

Why the cloud is a great place for enterprise email.

  • E-mail is required to be on-line 24 x 7 x 365 with “5 9s” reliability. Using cloud computing resources can give even small businesses the opportunity to provide email reliability that used to only be available to the largest enterprises. Medium to large enterprises can benefit by “off-loading” the responsibility of up-time to the cloud provider.
  • Security. E-mail is perhaps the single most targeted vector for enterprise security attacks. Through judicious use of cloud computing, e-mail can be kept completely private while being kept at a distance.
  • Bandwidth/resource conservation. Cloud computing allows enterprises of all sizes to keep e-mail threats away from their primary bandwidth sources. In addition, the computing resources required to protect the e-mail stream can be re-purposed for other activities.

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