A revolution in leaf-blowers and other garden equipment

I just met a gentleman named Captain Bernardo J. Herzer, CEO of a LHER. Bernardo that has created a set of new “green” internal combustion engine technologies, all designed to run using propane. I love new technologies that work to improve the environment and this guy really seems to be on to something.

You might be wondering, as I was, “What can propane do for me?”

Here are some facts from the LHER website:

Why propane?

Propane is:

  • Eco Friendly
  • More Economical
  • Lower fuel cost
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • 2 hours run time on one canister
  • Easier to use/ safer to purchase and store
  • No messy mixing of gas and oil
  • No unwanted trips to the gas station
  • No gas cans to transport or store
  • Canisters are readily available
  • Zero evaporative emissions
  • Zero ozone depleting hydrocarbons
  • Non toxic to ground water and soil
  • 97% fewer particulates
  • 96% fewer carcinogens
  • Over 85% of propane used in this country is produced domestically
  • Exceeds 2011 EPA emission standards

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