eTailer Advisory Board

Excellent news… Tom Patterson (CSO • MagTek, Inc.) has invited me to join the eTailer Advisory Board. If you don’t know Tom Patterson and/or MagTek you should take a moment to check them out. Needless to say, I have accepted the invitation.

It is clear how MagTek’s MagnaPrint technology can, and will, make counterfeit credit card fraud a “thing of the past” for traditional “brick & mortar” merchants; you know, the folks like Target, WalMart, BestBuy, etc. who do the vast majority of their transactions as “card present.”

However, let’s not forget how important eCommerce has become over the course of the last decade. Did you know that did almost $19B (as in billion) dollars of transactions in 2008?

The eTailer Advisory Board has been established by Tom Patterson (CSO • MagTek, Inc.) with the expressed mission to work with eTailers; those of you who don’t currently get the benefits and reduced costs of “card present” transactions, to help bring MagnaPrint technology to your businesses. We are here to help reduce your transactional costs and eliminate the scourge of charge-backs caused by counterfeit credit card fraud.

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