“Journalism” Gone Wild – Tiger Woods in CG!

A friend of mine just shared this video (http://bit.ly/20091203_TigerWoods_CG). Its a couple of minutes long, and you may not understand the language (I do not), however, its well worth your time.

I find this type of “re-enactment” to be particularly offensive/irresponsible, because, at this point, no one knows what happened inside the Woods’ home that night. Even without understanding a single world of the voice over, it takes no major leap to assume that many people will see this and believe it is fact.

Make no mistake… I am not coming to Woods’ defense. Like everyone else on the planet, with the exception of the couple involved, I have no idea what happened that night. What I find so wrong about this is what it represents. I certainly hope we don’t start seeing this type of visualization anytime soon, even from our own home-grown sensationalist jounalism sub-culture.